Lost Creek Conservation Club


Meetings are important to attend and see what direction your club is headed. Amendments to the membership application now require all new members to attend an orientation at the club on Wednesday evenings, before or after a club meeting or by appointment.

Take pride in your club and help us make it better by attending the gunshows, meetings, and workday.

Ron Hofmann

I would like to welcome all new members, and especially the women, that have chosen to join Lost Creek. Over the past several years, an increasing number of women have joined to learn to shoot and practice. Remember, this is now also “your Club”. Welcome! 

Did you know?

Meetings are the 2nd Thursday of the month, 7:pm.

Trap shoots are every Wednesday, starting around 5:00. Rifle and pistol ranges are closed on Wednesday while trap is being shot.

Always clean up after using Club facilities, PLEASE. Especially after using the ranges.

This includes shotgun hulls & paper targets on all ranges.

Always practice “safety first”. For example, while children are wonderful and we want them to inherit our 2nd Amendment rights, keep everyone off the firing range and “behind the muzzle” when you bring them to the range. Remember, Lost Creek has ranges, not tactical training areas.   We must always remember we are part of an environment far more crowded than it was years ago.